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Phnom Phen

Shopping for motorcycle..

Morning of Feb 2nd after 8 amazing days at Colunms hotel in Kampot Cambodia with Jim and my new friends Howard and Elizabeth from Oxford and the Colunms manager/owner Thavy I say goodbye for now.. Bus arrives at 8:30 am for Jim and myself and we are off to Phnom Penh, the bus ride normal takes around 3 hours to get to bus station in Phnom Penh but not today... We are 51/2 kilometres from there when driver decides to pull over for fuel which takes 20 mins, now back on road only to sit in traffic for another hour and a half do to construction ( that's right 1 /12 hrs for 5 kilometres) maybe the bus driver knew about construction and filled up for that... Arrive at bus station @ 1:30 in the afternoon and are greeted by Jims TukTuk driver Mr. Chae who takes us to are hotel the Silver River, after shower and a few hours of rest we hit the town for some drinks and dinner. A local place just up the street from hotel is where we end up for Kalmar food and wine, after dinner we decide to check out some local watering holes, one in perticular is the "Walk about" this place is filled with local "working girls".. After a couple of beers we are joined by three of these girls looking for company, there English is not the greatest so telling them that we are not interested they ask for drinks which we buy.. Don't want to be rude..lol after numerous beers/drinks we decide it is time to call it a night...

Day two we are off to Chris's place in Phnom Penh (the owner of Colunms hotel) to look at 125cc motorcycle,after ariiving and taking bike for ride I find that the bike needs some service and after renting 250cc motorcycle in Kampot this bike is to small.. The gentlemen showing us the bike says he knows of place where they have 250cc motorcycle for sale.. We exchange numbers and we are of to city to look for a Go Pro camera for my helmet, after a short sheacrh will locate camera shop with owner that is very knowledgeable and has good english. Twenty minutes later we are off with my new Go Pro 4 black with extra battery and 32 g memory card and mount.. Good price compared to Canada, saved around a hundred dollars I think..shorty after leaving shop we are contacted by gentle with motorcycle and we are off to take a look, end up taking two Honda 250 cc out for a test ride and decide on the Honda Ax-1 250 and after short negotiation we settle on price and now we are off to get photos for ownership and licensing. With a few hours to kill until documents are ready so we drop Jim back at hotel and I am off to Russian market for some shopping and site seeing.. The Russian market is quite large and a little confusing, but I make my way back after exploring for an hour or so.. Back with Mr Chae and off to licensing place.. Thanks goodness for Mr.Chae, would not been able to do everything in one day ( licence photo and registration with plates) all in the course of 5 hrs... Ride bike back to hotel in rush hour with Mr. Chae on back giving me directions as we go.. What a rush driving in rush hour here ( not for the novice driver).. Back to hotel just in time to shower and meet the gang from Kampot for reunion tour ford inner at the Titanic restaurant ( nothing to do with actual movie or ship).. After a great dinner and company we say are good nights until next year hopefully..

Stay tuned, off to Battambang tomorrow on new motorcycle..

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Kampot Cambodia

Bokor Mountain

Day seven in Kampot, after 5 days exploring with Jim decided to go it alone today.. Destination Bokor Mountain about 15 km from downtown Kampot (home base) the Columns.. After reaching the gates of Bokor Mountain and paying $2000 Reil ( $4:40 US ) I am off headed up the mountain. This road provides an excellent ride up the mountain with lots of tight turns and a chance to open the 250cc up a little, it reminds me a little of some of the roads traveled during my motorcycle tour of Vietnam with less traffic and no buses traveling two a breast trying to get to the next stop before the other.. After traveling twenty kilometres up the mountain I reach the giant Buda, really quite impressive ( see pictures ) with amazing views of country side. A brief stop to take in the views and take some pictures and I am off back down mountain only to find out back at hotel that there is another 7 kilometres I could have gone to take in some waterfall views and a casino where they serve lunch from a small restaurant with great views... Looks like I will head back up tomorrow now that I am starting to feel more comfortable with the area and road traffic.. Until then!

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HCMC to Kampot

My travels continue, up early this morning off to bus station to catch bus to Kampot to meet up with Jim Donnelly for some adventures in Cambodia. After boarding bus I am told that bus does not go to Kampot but to Phoem Penh where I will have change buses to Kampot... I guess this was lost in translations when I booked the ticket. Well it is what it is and off we go.. Bus ride is about 6 hrs to Phoem Penh with a couple of stops that include picking up some supplies ( not really sure what they were) are luggage is stored at back off bus well "supplies" are stored in luggage compartment. Are second stop is at Cambodia boarder where passports are handed to employee of bus company with $40 US dollars to secure travel visa for one month in Cambodia. The process takes about twenty minutes then we have to go through security and back on the bus.. Pretty simple process and not very time consuming at all, back on the bus and off again.. Three hours in we stop for lunch at small restaurant on the side of road, I realize I don't have any Cambodia currency so bus employee calls local next thing I know I am on back off scooter headed up the road to ATM. This fifteen minute trip cost one US dollar.. Lunch did not leave a good first impression for Cambodia food but this was a verified truck stop at best.. Finally Phoem Penh, after getting my luggage and making my way into bus station I am told they do not have any buses to Kampot WTF! A local Tuk Tuk driver overhears my conversation and replies he know were I can catch a bus to Kampot.. So we load up and head down towards US ambassey were I am told by bus company I have missed the last bus for the day to Kampot but for fifty US dollars I can take a cab to Kampot.. At this point it could have been 500 US dollars and I would have said yes... Ten minutes later a black Ford Explorer shows up and we are off to Kampot which took 3 hours off some a little scary driving by taxi driver.. 8 pm arrive at the Columns hotel where I am greeted by very nice staff of hotel who ask if I am Jim's friend and he is at local restaurant waiting for me.. After checking in and freshening up I am taking on back of scooter by hotel employee to Vinos restaurant where Jim and Thavy ( hotel manager) and a very nice couple from Oxford Howard and Elizabeth are dinning. Wine is poured food is served and laughter and good conversation takes us late into the night... Very nice ending to a long travel day!


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